Key problems in drug addiction treatment

The United States is considered one of the leaders in the prevention and treatment of drug addiction: it was here that the first effective rehabilitation programs, self-help groups, world-famous Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous first came to life.

However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, the majority faced despair, serious restrictions on an active social life, job loss, and death of loved ones. Moreover, many aid programs have been suspended for 2 years now, which has had terrible consequences, including an increase in drug addiction mortality.

Drastic consequences concern not only the psyche and physical health but also the involvedness of an addict’s close people and relatives. And often they are the ones who initiate seeking medical help. It is important to understand that if your loved ones insist on visiting a specialist or you yourself want to get his help, there’s no time to longer: postponing can cost you a lot.

Remember that you can get quality help from a specialist working with addictions and undergo treatment not only in a public institution but also in a private clinic or rehabilitation center. Find out more about drug addiction treatment on the Fund’s website that helps addicts and their relatives.