We started the Fund back in 2000 and now it operates in different countries. We help Russians around the world to receive the necessary information and timely assistance.
In 2021, we decided to open the fund branch in the United States. The fund was created by specialists working with addicted people: psychologists, drug addiction doctors, chemical addiction consultants, and leaders of rehabilitation programs. We have a lot of people who are not indifferent to this problem: those who have already been healed, and those whose loved ones have found themselves in this difficult situation. Everyone is passionate about the mission to show the path of freedom.
Over the past 15 years of work, we have had a huge number of patients and so we studied this problem in the US from the inside. The fund is aimed at solving two major problems: medical assistance and socio-psychological support. We were able to create a space where every Russian-speaking person can get professional help and become from addiction.
Everyone is passionate about the mission to show the path of freedom
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