The key problem of teen drug abuse

Teen drug abuse is a dire social problem that is gaining momentum. Young people are increasingly using cannabinoids, the so-called Spice or smoking mixtures, designer drugs, and salts due to their easy availability and cheap price. The main obstacle in diagnosing this disease and receiving timely help is misdiagnosis. And these are not isolated cases but a subversive tendency!

The use of smoking mixtures does not leave any obvious marks, such as injecting drugs. But it often leads to mental changes, psychosis, behavioral changes. Parents are capable of recognizing the latter signs and so they send them to psychiatrists and psychotherapists who do not specialize in drug addiction. As a result, the teenager continues to use drugs and receives wrong treatment for a disease that does not exist (as a rule, the psychopharmacotherapy methods are used). This can greatly aggravate the condition of a teenager, as well as trigger and worsen drug addiction.

Many parents can’t even think that their child might be using drugs. However, admitting a problem means you can still get quality help when it's not too late. Are you afraid to offend your child suspecting him of drug use? Are you afraid that without resorting to force you won't be able to convince him that he requires treatment? Then you must consult an experienced addiction specialist and find out how to deal with this situation and get competent help.