The devastating consequences of addiction for the patient's family

Alcohol and drug addiction is not only a merely medical problem. It is important to understand that this disease leads to critical consequences in all areas of human life. His addiction is not isolated from the outer world; the addict’s close people are always involved in the process. The list of devastating consequences is never-ending: addiction leads to irrepressible conflicts in the family and divorce, job or business loss, and a decrease in social activity.

The nearest and dearest suffer the most: loved ones make a lot of unsuccessful attempts to help their addicted family member. Despair forces people to look for non-standard or questionable methods. As a result, the well-being of the family becomes even worse.

What prevents you from helping a loved one and choosing the right strategy? Below are several major obstacles:

●      unwillingness of an addict to receive medical help: he may be telling you that it’s alright, he keeps the drug use under control, does not interfere with the family with his addiction, etc.
●      shame and a desire to hide the disease from others; unfortunately, the fear to be condemned forces us to keep the problem a secret.
●      codependency: the close ones gradually adapt to life with an alcoholic or drug addict, get used to prioritizing his needs, and build their life taking into account his disease.

It is important to remember that the involvement of your family in treatment and rehabilitation increases the chances of a successful outcome. Nowadays there are programs for relatives, help groups, and psychotherapeutic tools to work with the addict's environment.
We are ready to help you and your family: please contact the Fund that helps addicts and their relatives to find out what to do.