How can a person with codependency keep living?

The family who has an addict can lead a life of nervous vigilance: loved ones behave only the way the addict wants them to, experience anxious expectations, solve an addict’s problems, etc. If you are a codependent person and you realize this, it is important to take action and take the right action. It is almost impossible to get rid of codependency on your own; this is a long and deep work on oneself under the guidance of an experienced specialist. But there are some steps you can take:

●    try to treat your condition more consciously. It is vital to hear yourself to understand the nature of your codependency: track feelings, thoughts, automatic reactions, and emotions that arise in a relationship with an addict. Try to learn to understand your needs and feelings, and to take care of yourself. This is key that leads to the recovery of your loved one. Without having love towards yourself, you cannot help your partner recover;
●    pay attention to yourself. If you come to realize that you have long forgotten your own needs and wants, set yourself new goals. Start with some small goals, think of small pleasures for yourself, and find activities you are interested in;
●    you should not mitigate the consequences of dependence on a loved one. Do not solve his problems with the boss, creditors, friends, do not put things in order in the room of the person who messed it up while intoxicated, and do not buy him/her drugs. Let him take responsibility for his own life, feel the consequences of the disease overtaking him. This is crucial, among other things, to create a healthy motivation for treatment;
●    cease to slurring over: do not screen the patient in front of the leadership, deny violence towards yourself. Stop putting up with the status quo! 

These steps may seem hard to follow, especially for loving people. Therefore, we recommend enlisting the support of professionals. Try to find the right self-help group for your codependents, where you can discuss problems with like-minded people and professionals. Psychotherapy will help you regain yourself and start living your life, build healthy family relationships, and help your loved one start a sober life.